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CCPLZ Forum Rules

Failure to read or understand the rules does not grant immunity to punishment for breaking the rules.

All warnings and bans are given at the discretion of the staff. You may be warned or banned without explicitly breaking any rule listed here.

Global Forum Rules
  • General Rules
    • Any user partaking in or assisting in hacking accounts, creating malware, or scamming will be permanently banned without question.
    • NX and Meso Generators are always an attempt to steal your account information. Do not post these here.
    • Trading and price checks are only allowed within the Trading Post.
    • Selling hacktools is only allowed in the Resource Manager and requires permission from the administrators.
    • PM the staff if you have a problem with a user, or the admins if you have a problem with the staff. More info.
    • Spam and referral spam are not allowed. If you're posting a link in hopes to gain something from it: don't.
    • Pornographic, nude, obscene, and questionable images are not allowed.
  • Accounts
    • Do not register multiple accounts, register an account for someone else, share an account with someone else, or access another member's account for any reason.
    • Users registering or accessing multiple accounts will be banned.
  • Threads and Messages
    • Use a descriptive thread title. Titles like "HELP ME!!" and "What is this?" are not descriptive enough!
    • Do not make short replies such as "thank you". Instead, use the "thank you" post rating.
    • Always use constructive criticism. And if you don't like it, don't post.
    • Offensive, racist, shocking, gory, and inflammatory content is not allowed. Be respectful and kind to fellow members.
    • All posts must be in English or a proper English translation must be provided.
    • Only use post formatting when appropriate. Gratuitous formatting is highly discouraged.
    • Do not quote large posts. Consider tagging the user instead.
    • Read through the list of available thread prefixes and choose the one most appropriate for your thread.
Forum Section Rules
  • Multi-Language Forum
    • You can speak any language that has a prefix. If there is no prefix for your language, it means we do not have any moderators who speak that language.
    • Only speak the language of the thread's prefix. Similar languages such as Swedish and Norwegian may be spoken in the same thread.
    • If you don't speak the language, don't post.
  • Giveaways
    • Specify an end date, minimum 24 hours.
    • No inconsequential giveaways (ex. 100 mesos.)
    • Lock your giveaway thread once it's been completed.
  • Random Spam
    • No excessive spamming.
    • No page stretching.
    • Do not spam. The return key is not for punctuation. Keep your thoughts on one line.
    • The shoutbox is not for trading or price checks.
    • English only.
  • Trading Rules
    • Trading stolen, scammed, illegal, or ill-gotten goods is strictly forbidden.
  • XenTrader
    • Feedback is only for trades.
    • Select the correct thread for your trade when leaving feedback.
    • Leaving false feedback will result in a ban.
    • Try to sort things out with the trader before leaving negative feedback.
  • Trading Post
    • Do not bump threads that you are not the author of.
    • Do not offer or bid on trades unless you are capable of paying for it.
    • Only MapleStory items and accounts may be traded here for other MapleStory items and accounts or money.
  • Etcetera Trading Post
    • All other trading threads go here.
  • Hall of Shame
    • Take timestamped screenshots of every interaction you have with anyone involved with the trade. Evidence is required when reporting someone for scamming.
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