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AAPD - Automatic Ability Point Distributor (v102.1) 102.1

Allow you to automaticly distribute ability point when leveling up.

  1. Marcky
    Game Version:
    So this is a pretty basic tool but I needed it and couldn't find it anywhere so I made one myself. What it does, is that it will automaticaly distribute ability points (using the automatic AP distributor packet) everytime you level up.

    How to use :
    1 : Inject a bypass (I use Airride's bypass)
    2 : Inject AAPD.dll into MS.
    3 : Wait till you are in-game.
    4 : From the target dropdown, select which AP to target ( ex . If you are a warrior, you would select STR, for bowmans DEX, etc...)
    5 : Activate the tool by ticking AAPD checkbox.

    Notes :
    - This will distribute 5 APs. It is not customizable for now...
    - Sometimes(dont ask me why) hooking the level takes some times(5~10 secs). So it is the best for you to wait until the status label is set to « Ready » in the bottom right corner (in green)

    Enjoy...even if it's a pretty basic tool! And please, report any bugs!

    Virus scan : https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/3d3ce23c9c982e86634aa65307601e9d4d5a8510de67c4eb20bedb4f3fba53b5/analysis/1401292023/

    Credits : Vytenis for IBot source, Waty for his bypassless packet send method and some other peoples on the chat for helping me out with character level hooks..


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