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Air v100.1 1.3

Currently the few working scripts out so far

  1. Kirashi
    Edit: Well fuck, I forgot a screenshot...

    Virus Scan:

    This bot was originally supposed to come out for v99.2 but MS updated before I released it, obviously this bot isn't up to the standards of other bots that will come out sooner or later, so just use it till then.

    Now that that is out of the way, I'll let you know what is updated, and what isn't.

    Full Godmode
    Unlimited MP
    Unlimited Attack
    Faster Mobs
    Hide Damage and Skill Effects
    No Magnus Balls

    Obviously, let me know if you have any problems using the ones I've listed as working.

    /* Waiting for update on the following scripts;

    - No Mob KB to v100.1
    - Mob Lag to v100.1
    - Mob Freeze to v100.1
    - Player No KB to v100.1
    - Perfect Loot to v100.1
    - Ignore Height to v100.1
    - Aran Anti Aircheck to v100.1
    - No BG/Clouds to v100.1
    - Mercedes Perfect Skill to v100.1
    - Remove Option Box to v100.1

    Also require updated Pointers in order for HP, MP, EXP and People Count to work.


    - Add Auto Bot Features - Added Auto Attack & Auto Loot
    - More Scripts

    If you have any problems, please report them.

    Dun goof'd forget credits

    Thanks script people c;