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All Class GND + GUI (W/ Source) 0.97 1.1.2

Graphical Interface for Conquest's GND.

  1. Updated to v97.0

    Updated to v97.0. I am preparing a bigger tool for v98.0 so this will be the last major version release of the standalone GND by me. The source code is avaible in the topic.

  2. GND Updated to v95.2

    Changes made:
    1. Added Airride bypass
    2. Updated addresses
    Things to keep in mind when using airride bypass:
    1. You need to cc about every 5-10 minutes
    2. Airride bypass is just a temporary bypass until Le Bypass/Moby gets updated
    3. I did not make Airride bypass(Obviously)
    I haven't had any time to test this version, I just updated it quickly and heading to bed now.