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AutoLauncher Stable 1.8

Basic Console Based AutoLauncher and Injector

  1. Conquest
    A very Basic AutoLauncher . its just a basic version which can only launch an executable
    It will autolaunch the app if it gets closed
    PS: in case of Maple use it from maplestory folder if u want to use wryyy and other @AIRRIDE programs. Also for maximum botting experience use my autologin for automatic login in and botting.
    you need to configure the injectlist.ini to your executable name. it works on local folder(means u can launch the executable just from ur folder) in which case you have to provide the name only
    Code (Text):
    2. [executablename]
    3. exename = notepad.exe
    or you can provide the full details to your path of the executable
    Code (Text):
    2. [executablename]
    3. exename = C:\Windows\notepad.exe
    The number of injectable dll has no limit.

    for the moment now it will autolaunch your selected executable within 1 sec time frame
    in future i will add auto inject feature as well. Added injector system
    for autoinjecting you can use injector gadget
    Hopefully it will help a few people out there.

    it doesnt come with any elevation details for the shell so if you are going to run a program which needs admin elevation ,run this program as admin
    for newbie users it means

    run as Admin to run Maplestory

    New Add-
    Memory Dumper

    its not for normal users. it can dump memory even when hshield is running . not much useful but meh i dont care