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Autologin EMS v103.1_majorpatch_1

Autologin By kma4,krow,Conquest

  1. Conquest
    Game Version:
    credit to @Krow @kma4 and me somehow
    Added Patch to hide you have been disconnected and similar messages.
    To Stop maple from throwing exceptions and hinder the program from auto restarting , run maple using my autoluancher.

    Modify your details click on the checkboxes and press save. it will autoload from next time

    Greetings to @kma4 @AIRRIDE @[D.R.T]

    1. Patch certain exceptions to make sure that the client exists instead of showing annoying you have been buttfked by nexon (Primary Target) most of it done. if you still encounter error message of disconnection , report it.
    2. integrate AutoLanucher + dll injector with it. (longterm mission)