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Bot 96.1


  1. Kirashi
    Hey guys,

    decided to make a bot for v96.1 for you all to use, currently it just contains hacks, but I intend to expand on that (at a later date :-))

    In order to use it:

    Inject the Bot.dll into Maplestory before pressing the Play Button

    MSCRC and AIRRIDES bypass have been implemented into the trainer ~ you'll dc every 10 minutes, unless you CC.

    Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/...c23be674885c29ffa56866b3/analysis/1382263268/

    Now, on to the credits :-P

    @marijn - putting in airrides bypass, as I was a complete moron and didn't have a clue how

    @Kyle - some v96.1 scripts

    @Takumi - used TakuTable for Perfect Loot, JDA, and Sit Hack.


    ~ Coded in Visual Studios 2013


    1. Screenshot_1.png

Recent Updates

  1. Some new additions