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[Bypassless] [Opensource] PacketSenderPlz 2.4

A simple bypassless packet sender

  1. Waty
    Game Version:
    EMS v102.1
    I made this simple bypassless packetsender a few days ago because there was a chance on a dupe and I didn't have a bypass.

    How does it look?
    It looks like this:
    PacketSenderPlz.png Screenshot-on-2014-05-17-at-20.40.17.png

    • Bypassless packet sending
    • Multiline
    • Adjustable send delay
    • Random generated bytes for timestamps; use ** or ??

    Known bug(s):
    • Recv packet injection is not enabled

    Things I will do in feature releases:
    • Fix all the known bugs

    How do I use this?
    1. Inject it in maplestory before you click the play button or inject it when you are ingame
    2. Send (dupe?) packets


    If you find any other bugs, please report it in this thread

    If you like this release, don't forget to hit the like button or donate some money ;-)

Recent Reviews

  1. Daikazoku
    Version: 102.1
    Awesome release.