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Bypassless Packet Editor + Autologin (MelvPE) v182.2 GMS v182.2

Allows you to manipulate and log maplestory packets without the need to have a bypass.

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    GMS v182.2
    Hello there,

    I thought I'd give y'all the fun to fiddle with packets again. The autologin functionality comes really handy when trying out packets they often cause you to DC. When using this autologin you'll be automatically back ingame within a few seconds.

    The tool operates fully bypassless.

    • send packets
    • receive packets
    • log send packets
    • log recv packets
    • block send packets
    • block receive packets
    • save and load settings (settings will be saved at C:\)
    • multi-line sender for both sending and receiving packets
    • infinite loops, delay per line and delay per loop.
    new features since last release:
    • PE now includes Autologin.

    What it looks like:

    If you are getting MSVCR120.dll or MSVCP120.dll error, please download microsoft visual c++ redistributable 2013 x86 or/and x64.


Recent Updates

  1. Updated to GMS v182.2
  2. Updated to GMS v182.1
  3. Updated to GMS v181.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Schnee
    Version: GMS v182.2
    Weird guy, good tool
  2. RiceKing
    Version: GMS v180.1
    Works as intended, thanks my man