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C-Coin - Automatic sengoku coin grabber 1.1.1

Grabs the daily free coin without needing to open MapleStory.exe

  1. Razz
    Grabs the daily coin without having to open MapleStory.exe.

    How to use:
    1. Click accounts
    ss (2013-12-19 at 07.09.20).png
    2. Click Add Accounts
    ss (2013-12-19 at 07.09.46).png

    3. Fill in the info & click add
    ss (2013-12-19 at 07.10.41).png

    4. Select the accounts you want to grab coins with(Holding CTRL lets you select multiple accounts)
    ss (2013-12-19 at 07.09.46).png

    Q: Sometimes it doesn't say anything!
    A: MapleLib is very buggy(or not implemented well) so just try again until you get some proper responses.

    Q: Rls source pls
    A: In a few days I will release a source

    Q: Do you jewhook?
    A: No I don't, but feel free to check the exe

    Q: I really, really, really don't trust this
    A: Then don't use it, or use some throwaway accounts

    Q: Virusscan?
    A: Here

    Q: Where does it store the accounts?
    A: %appdata%\C-Coin\Characters

    Q: Is this a clientless bot?
    A: Do I run MapleStory.exe?

Recent Updates

  1. Bugfix 2
  2. Updated to v98.2
  3. Bugfix