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CCPLZ's 3rd Birthday, Got Banned; Had Fun tool 2.0

Happy Birthday CCPLZ :-)

  1. Waty
    Requires a bypass!


    Installation Instuctions:
    1. Install Le Bypass:
      • Run the installer
      • After the instalation has finished, start the program called 'Le Bypass' and click 'replace HackShield'
      • You now have installed Le Bypass
    2. Install MSCRC:
      • Download the file and place it in you MS folder
    3. Unzip the folder
    4. Place both files in your MS installation directory
    5. Run Injector.exe
    6. Give maple some terror ;-)
    • Sithack(hump mode)
    • ClickMouseFly
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Recent Updates

  1. Added more constomizable options