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Changing the splash img Mojs, ravy + spherilux

Just something you can do if you are bored of the current hs pic (x

  1. Neko
    Game Version:
    Download the zip file, open it and then just replace the img in your Hackshield folder :3

    ( BTW, this will work for all versions of maple ^^ )

    [​IMG] JMS Pie

    [​IMG] EMS Pic

    [​IMG] KMS Pic

    GMS is to mainstream so it has 2 pics (x
    [​IMG] GMS pic

    [​IMG] Le GMS splash pic

    [​IMG] @Ravy `s splash

    [​IMG] @Spherilux `s splash

    I did this cuz i kinda like Pinkbean more than well BaM`s :F3:
    * this is 100% safe and you won`t get you banned, and it works without a bypass *
    Le VirusScan

Recent Updates

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