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Cheat Engine trainer CET.v107.3 0.8.1

Cheat Engine Trainer/Bot

  1. goku286
    Game Version:
    EU MapleStory v107.3
    This Tiny CE trainer/bot is created with Cheat Engine 6.4.

    All resources are downloaded/found from CCPLZ and Cheat Engine Forum, so I don't take any credits.

    Whats in it, CRC bypass and some cheats are compiled in this trainer and can be started with Hotkeys.

    How to start:

    Start MapleStory and start CET. CET.v107.3.png v107.3, your firewall or virusscanner may or may not react so allow it to start.

    Type "Alt" +"I" buttons to start de CRC Bypass.
    CRC.dll must be in CE folder otherwise hotkey for bypass won't work.
    Bypass console

    In console for 64b win7 type 1...wait till next input then 2... and last 5...console disappear.

    Use the Hotkeys provided for the cheats, toggle to activate (red) or deactivate (black).

    Here you can download it.


    For those who don't trust it, here is the ct file to compile it yourself.

    AutoHp is set to 3000 (PAGEUP key to pot) so if you want to set other value use the ct file, modify the script and compile it.

    Itemfilter is set for these items to reject:
    dd #2060000 //[Consume] Arrow for Bow
    dd #2061000 //[Consume] Arrow for Crossbow
    dd #2440001 //[Consume] Gemstone Imp
    dd #2440000 //[Consume] Richie Gold's Fake Lead
    dd #4170032 //[Etc] Emerald Mirror Glass
    dd #4170033 //[Etc] Spinel Mirror Glass
    dd #4170031 //[Etc] Clear Mirror Glass
    dd #4170025 //[Etc] Hero's Key
    dd #4170049 //[Etc] Pandora's Key
    dd #4170050 //[Etc] Effie's Key
    dd #4170039 //[Etc] Magical Box
    dd #4170041 //[Etc] Chaos Box
    dd #4170038 //[Etc] Infinite Quill
    dd #4170040 //[Etc] Fairy Tear
    dd #4170036 //[Etc] Sage Quill

    So if you want other value modified script and compile for yourself.

    Download tutorial how to mod CE trainer here:

    Needs :

    CrC.dll by Cornstalk Takumi ( Taku) updated by Conquest, Waty and Flexi .
    CrC.dll download:

    Visual GM HandTools v2 by 一步蓮華.

    Credits goto:
    Cornstalk Takumi (Taku), Conquest, Waty and Flexi for CRC Bypass
    Darkbyte for Cheat Engine
    一步蓮華 for Visual GM HandTools
    Who make the cheats and updated it.