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Crystal Project 2013-09-08


  1. Blue
    Yo this is CrystalHost Alpha for Ems 94. It's not for newbies only for experienced hackers.


    Remove your current dinput8 this Trainer includes a MSCRC bypass.
    It only supports Kradia right now.

    You'll have to set the maple path and then add an account after this you launch. While launching save the profile. I used up to 2 clients so far test more If you want to.

    The macro system may be complicated on the first view,but lets go in detail:
    click on ... to add a new item
    click on a entry once to edit it
    conditions are tricky but they are cool

    Variable Names:
    Code (Text):
    1. HP(%)
    2. MP(%)
    3. EXP(%)
    4. MOBS
    5. ITEMS
    6. ATTACKS
    7. USERS
    8. LEVEL
    9. X
    10. Y
    Code (Text):
    1. >
    2. <
    3. >=(also otherwise)
    4. <=(also otherwise)
    For Auto Pot hp we would use a condition like this:
    HP < 50

    If hp is less then 50% use a pot.

    Anti Ban Macros are similar but you can choose following options:
    Code (Text):
    1. Disconnect/DC
    2. Change Channel/CC
    3. Cash Shop/CS
    Just enter one of those...!

    For the hack tab you may take some caution. You may avoid Memory Loot while botting because It'll crash. The Semi Item Vac is static right click on it while It's selected and you'll be able to use your current character position. The rest will be self explaining.

    The second Button for the Maple Window opens a Packet Viewer/Logger without Decode8/Encode8 support and without block/ignore functionality. Those are implented already,but I was to lazy to add controls for them.

    Virus Scan:

Recent Updates

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