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  1. apprenticeCS
    I'm bringing CSBot back to life (at least for now), it's been a long time since CSBot was first released and I'm currently working on updating and cleaning up the code. I wouldn't expect this to be a contender for 'Best Bot' neither would I be suprised if it was very unstable atm. However, I do believe I have the bot functions working and would love somebody to test them.

    I recently had most of my accounts locked/banned so I only have low level noob chars to test with, but most of the bot stuff seems to work though I have only done short tests, no prolonged usage.

    Currently Updated (hopefully):
    • All Bot functions
    • Some hacks, I forgot which ones have updated so keep in mind some of these will d/c /crash you. Some of them are probably patch by now anyway or have new methods. Pin typer and Miss GM should work though.
    • Kami (in NDFA tab) though it's probably not very stable, using an old kami script with updated teleport.

    Once the bot tab is fully working, I will begin updating hacks/kami but the Packet Sender and SP Control might be out of action for the forseeable future.

    Just the bot SS since that'sa all that should be complete. also ignore the banner, this used to be Brony Trainer, but this will be changed, don't worry xD

    Virus Scan

Recent Updates

  1. Kami + Loot Test
  2. Full Godmode added
  3. Auto CC added

Recent Reviews

  1. Yxtr
    Version: 2.3.0
    good job :)