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d8input.dll MSCRC for Le Bypass v92.1

An auto loading MSCRC for use with Le Bypass

  1. Usual update v92.1

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  2. Updated for the new version

    updated for the new version

    Code (Text):
    1. const unsigned int crcMain = 0x00EAE9E2;
    2. const unsigned int crcMainRet = crcMain+5;
    3. const unsigned int crcSecondary = 0x018B1C82;
    4. const unsigned int crcSecondaryRet = crcSecondary+6;
    5. const unsigned int crcTertiary = 0x017BFE6F;
    6. const unsigned int crcTertiaryRet = 0x017C21E6;
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  3. updated

    updated but using an old source at the moment due to me being ill and using my laptop.
  4. Minor bug fix for those on slow computers

    Minor bug fix for those on slow computers. Error.png

    Only needed if the above occurs, If it still happens after installing this update PM me.
  5. The actual update!

    Gets Rid of the Console window and replaces it with a progress bar
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