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DBLmao Trainer V1.0(DLL Version) 1.0

Newly revamped DBLmao Trainer(DLL Version)

  1. DarkBoy
    Please do report the bugs to this thread.
    There are some hacks that i am unable to test as i am lacking some of the specific character. Those hacks are Teleport Mastery in Skill injection.Please do try out if it works and post the results here.

    • Map Rusher - not advance yet, but its able to rush :)
    • Auto HP,MP,Attack,Loot,Skills 1-5
    • Item Filter
    • Mob Filter
    • SPControl
    • all the scripts

    • Initial release

    How To Use:
    1. Install Le Bypass
    2. Install MSCRC
    3. Extract all the files to ur maple directory
    4. Start Injector.exe as admin
    5. Enjoy!
    If you get an error about missing a dll file read this thread:

    I don't know why one of the virus scanned it as a virus, but if the mods are in doubt, kindly pm me and i will show the source

    Virus Scan:

    Script Updaters and Script makers
    @Pathin ~ Updated Map Data, Item Data, Mob Data and his program

    @Luna ~ alternative map rusher data and map loader

    Special Thanks To:
    @Theonly_Tazz ~ Lending ems acc for me to test


    1. Botting.jpg
    2. Char Hacks.jpg
    3. Extra.jpg
    4. General Hacks.jpg
    5. Info.jpg
    6. Item Filter.jpg
    7. Map Rusher.jpg
    8. Mob Filter.jpg
    9. Mob Hacks.jpg
    10. SPControl.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. mcdany
    Version: 1.0
    easy handling. This bot work for me perfect.
  2. Qvintus
    Version: 1.0
    Really stable compared to other bots I've tried. Only issues I've come across is the Auto CC doesn't work and DC every 20min or so. Reason for 4 stars is I personally wouldn't give anything 5 stars if it can't run unmanned for 1hour. Else great work!
  3. Durandal
    Version: 1.0
    A fantastic release, the bot is stable, the hacks mostly work on 32 Bit Windows 7.

    Issues on 1.0:

    Change Channel doesn't work if someone else comes in your map. Tested multiple times now.

    SP Control gives Unhandled Script error.

    SAWSIL isn't user-changeable, and the built in SAWSIL set at < 1 doesn't work.

    This bot is perfect for your hacking needs, I can set it up before work, and 80% of the times I will come back and its still botting.

    The reason for 4 Stars is because of the issues, but don't let them put you off, it's a really well done bot.
  4. hassasina
    Version: 1.0
    most stable bot for me , especially tht FMA and PVP skill injection.
  5. Creative177
    Version: 1.0
    Great and incredibly stable bot! Works perfect! You've got my recommend. = )