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Dimension Invaide jumper v101.1

Auto jump down after clearing the first wave.

  1. Cyber
    This bot will automatically let your character jump down after you've cleared the first stage of the dimension invade Party Quest.

    If you combine this bot with skill injection and spawn control (No fade stages, For faster experience) you will actually bot in the party quest as you jump down every time when you cleared the first stage.

    It's an easy way to do some levels after you've reached lv 140.

    How to use?
    1. Inject the bot, (It doesn't matter when)
    2. Then use a Cheat Table for your Skill injection And Spawn Control (No fade stages)
    3. Enter the Dimension party quest.
    4. Start Injection.

    Make sure your jump skill is your "ALT" Key

    Happy botting for one Hour.