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DuckieBot (EMS 106.4) 2.8.2

Simple bot for the semi-legit players

  1. DuckieBot (EMS 106.4) 2.8.2

    Send packet is broken, sorry can't get it fixed.
    Updated wzString.txt

    virus scan
  2. DuckieBot (EMS 105.1) 2.8.1

    A quick release with no proper test. Basically it's the same old shit like the previous version. Kami is disabled, GND i believe is patched.

    I noticed that when i have auto aggro, auto move, auto attack, super tubi, unilimted attack, item filter, etc turned on at Evolving map, after few minutes it dc. No idea which hack causes dc.

    Please copy wzString.txt and wzSkill.txt to your maple folder.

    ps. airride's bypass still works for me. Win 7 x64 ultimate....
  3. DuckieBot (EMS 104.1) 2.7.1

    I disable the kami. It's not working properly and keep having dc problem. I'll add it when someone can provide me a stable kami script.

    virus scan
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  4. DuckieBot (EMS 103.1) 2.6.3

    1. added simple packet send/recv logger
    2. auto reload last setting file used
    3. on load setting file, auto load and enable/disable sp control
    4. on load setting file, auto load and enable/disable item filter
    5. on load setting file, auto enable most hacks including hp/mp,kami,skill injection, kami loot, but char lock movement not auto enabled

    credits goto @AIRRIDE for his packet logger source code and helps...
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  5. DuckieBot (EMS 103.1) 2.6.2

    1. added Lemmings (not sure whether it will trigger AB)
    2. auto save load settings of Fusiaon Attack, No Mob KB, Mob Freeze

    all credits go to the original scripters.

    virus scan
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  6. DuckieBot (EMS 103.1) 2.6.1

    1. updated kami. if it doesnt loot, just retick Kami Loot and it should fix it. Also you need to select your pick up key from Main tab, but do not need to tick it, unless you wanna spamm the key while kamiing.
    2. char lock movement has risk of ban.
    3. updated packet sender. it should be able to send multi-line packets and repeat for number of times. (not fully tested, mesg me if it's not working)...
  7. DuckieBot (EMS 103.1) 2.6.0

    1. Havent got time to update the kami yet.
    2. Had a very quick test for some of the hacks.
    3. Included the latest wzString.txt wzSkillID.txt. Please put them into your maple folder so that you able to search for the skillID and itemID inside the bot.
    4. The bypass from AirRide EMS102.1 is still useable for EMS103.1. Check his thread for more infos.
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  8. DuckieBot (EMS 102.1) 2.5.2

    changed: Running Attack (RA)

    steps to use:
    1. enter number of times for RA..value between 80 to 100+ is good
    2. enter delay between each packet. <80ms is good
    3. enter loop count. 30 for all the runs
    4. tick "Click to start running". to stop it, untick it
    5. DO NOT click "Click to start auto send packet" for auto RA.

    This will send 80+ times of RA packet then send one time of claim RA points packet and repeat for "loop count" times. When it has done all runs, it plays a beep sound....
  9. DuckieBot (EMS 102.1) 2.5.1

    kami, loot and skill injection
    char lock movement
    physical godmode and magical godmode

    if you have dc problem with kami, i cant help you.
    again the majority hacks were not tested

    virus scan
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  10. DuckieBot (EMS 102.1) 2.5.0

    Just a quick release with still some hacks working on them.

    Need a bypass as usual. Inject your bypass Air_EMS102.1.dll at PLAY screen. Click PLAY and while loading maplestory, a small window should pop out to say success. Click it away. If no success small-window then the bypass not working for your system, ask airride for help. After that you can inject DuckieBot.

    If loading the previous-saved setting file crashed you, then remove it and save a new setting file. This is due to the hack...