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Ehsvc Multi MS Bypass 2014-05-14

HS Multi MS Bypass

  1. DarkBoy
    So I have been trying to learn how HS heartbeat works and got a idea how to bypass the multi ms check, this HS Multi MS Bypass is designed for EMS(not sure for other server using

    Do note that this is tested only for 15mins in EMS, i will be testing this in MSEA overnight to make sure it is fully working

    Inject this with AIRRIDE HSCRC Bypass, make sure the console title changed to "HS Multi MS Bypass"(https://hostr.co/uHphciBYcF2P)and is injected before hs logo disappear

    Virus Scan:

    AIRRIDE - thanks to him as he have connections with JMS hackers that have knowledge for HS HB Modor part
    Moby/Moose - thanks to him/her for the moby source

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