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EMS -Bypassless- AutoLogin 2.6

A bypassless autologin for Europe maplestory

  1. Dreamer
    Hello ccplz

    I decided to reupload this using the new resource system. Also just wanted to let you know that this does still work for the current version of ems.


    - One time login button
    - Auto re'login on DC
    - MS window check
    - Save & Load your accounts for later use
    - "Update available" message
    - Edit
    - DC Counter

    READ THIS, since this is a beta a few things aren't supported yet:
    - PIC can only exist of numbers, other characters not yet supported.
    - The login seems to have problems with saving the '!' character to a file, in case this character is in your password it might load an incorrect password after saving (please report if this is the case for you).

    - Run the "EMS AutoLogin.exe"
    - Start MapleStory
    - Enter account information in the autologin
    - Make sure the full MS window is visible and the "Maple ID" box is empty. Also disable the "Save ID" option.
    - Press the "Login" button
    - The tool will now log you in
    - When ingame you can tick the "Enable" checkbox to, well, enable the AutoLogin

    - Enter a username
    - Enter any other information that you want to save
    - Click the "Save" button ( left upper corner )

    - Enter the username of a previously saved profile
    - Click the "Load" button ( next to the save button )

    - Press the options button ( the little cog )
    - Edit your settings
    - Close the settings window to save the settings


    - Make Auto-PIC compatible with characters other than numbers
    - Make an options form to be able to input wait times and such
    - Add GMS compatibility

    These changes were made before the resource manager was implemented.

    - Added Supreme world support

    - Added a little more delay in typing user and pin ( since it would fail sometimes )
    - Tried fixing the "!" error when saving the profile ( not sure if it works, though it should just work by typing your password in the textbox )

    - Added "!" support in username and password
    - The AutoLogin now only searches the MS window for the pictures (aka its a lot faster)

    - Added Settings Form
    - Added Click Delay option
    - Added Mouse Speed option
    - Added Wait Time between DC option
    - The AutoLogin now works faster than before!

    - Initial release
    - Fixed 'Array' errors
    - Fixed to work for x32
    - Fixed not clicking 'OK' after PIC

Recent Updates

  1. Image fix + more