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Enter aswan-pq even though it's blocked for weeks. eMS v107.3

Allows you to still do aswan-pq, whilst it has been blocked

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    eMS v107.3
    normally when you were in this map:
    you could 'talk' to the portal on the right to teleport you inside of the aswan-pq. however, right now when you do so you'll get the following message:

    this is because in last patch they decided to disable certain area's of the game for several weeks. it can however be avoided in this case by manually sending the packet to enter aswan-pq. (they never totally removed the possibility to enter aswan-pq, neither did they block it), they simply removed the entrance-packet from the conversation that should warp you in.
    this is why manually sending does work.

    at first i wasn't really sure if it was of any use, but i got told that botting/leveling here can be usefull upto level 70 or 100, so probably some will benefit.
    virus-scan here
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