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Experience exploit upto 1m~ experience per second. v101.1

kingsday event EXP exploit.

  1. Melv
    Got to know about this exploit ever since this kingsday-event was released.

    Decided i'd be releasing it since some plain retard who is using this forum started abusing it somewhat earlier today using his clientless-bot BUT without decent checks against players being in his map... resulting in everyone random being able to see him leveling up continuesly.

    No point in keeping anything private when it'll probably result in being as private as the latest meso-exploit... if you get what i'm trying to say by that.

    this is what it basically does:
    • it enters the event map
    • as soon as it entered the event map it talks to the queen-NPC and obtains 5.000 experience.
    • after that it'll enter the event map again and the quest by which you can obtain 5.000 experience will be reset.
    You can loop through this countless times... To make life easier for the average hacker here on ccplz I uploaded the tool i've made and been using:

    how to use my bot to use this experience exploit:
    • inject my tool together with wxploiter into maplestory.exe
    • make sure your character is in a town or another place that's not a hiddenstreet or anything...
    • when logged in use WXploiter and block FA 02 recv
    • when logged in use WXploiter and block 0D 01 recv
    • when logged in use WXploiter and block 2C 00 recv
    • press 'Start experience exploiting...' on my tool
    if you disconnect unblock 0D 01 recv --> login again --> block 0D 01 recv.

    virus scan: clickme
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