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[Exploit] StarPlanet Typing Defense minigame (With tool) v113.3

This tool will automatically kill the mobs in this minigame by typing over the words...

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    eMS v113.3
    Hello faggots,

    This release is pretty much the same as another release of mine, which was for a newyears-event... (gotta love NEXON re-using flawed content).
    For this reason i won't write out details about the release as it can be read HERE: https://ccplz.net/resources/new-years-money-defense-exploit-tool.332/

    This tool should be enabled in the Star Planet minigame area to let it automatically type over the words displayed above the monsters.

    Just like the new-years-money-defense event, there are two types of monsters. At the start there are easy monsters (with easier words to write over), whilst later on there's some special monsters with longer words to write over. Sadly these more difficult monsters rely on a different function and i haven't been able to figure out how that function is structured yet. So this tool will eventually fail (at around round 11 IIRC).

    Do NOT use it on your main account (and neither on a mule-account when having a main-account due to chainbans), because there is a ranking system.