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ExtaliaMS auto-voter 2015-12-23

nx bot

  1. shavitush

    Source code - https://github.com/shavitush/extaliavoter

    gtop100 has captchas so I'm unable to do that

    I used this bot for around a year on my dedi and I have over 3m NX on my account (including a manual gtop100 vote once a day/two)

    Released because I can't understand why people still play this shitty outdated server without:
    1. Star force enhancements
    2. Spell traces
    3. Missing midgame content - mostly Commerci/Sweetwater (unless they added it when I wasn't playing)
    4. Missing endgame content - Magnus, Hekaton, Lotus, Princess No (just examples, the server is missing way more than that)
    5. Bonus potentials

    HAVE FUN ♥