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FoxFramework v95 1.0

A bot, what else?

  1. TheFox
    FFW.jpg Virusscan
    • Extract it anywhere.
    • Run as admin
    • Enjoy
    • AutoRelaunch
    • Autologin
    • Autobot
    • Some hacks
    • Packet sender
    • "Only mesos" item filter (others dont work atm due lazyness issues)
    • Q: Can you add <x> hack plox?
    • A: Nope, but you can. Copy&Paste it into a txt file inside any script subfolder (Char, Mob, Others)
    • Q: Can you add <x> feature plox?
    • A: Nope.
    • Q:I closed hax menu, how to open again?
    • A:Rigth click on menu bar.
    Have fun, report bug, leave likes & donation, etc etc
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