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GeeG Scripter Beta 0.3

C++ Based Scripting Tool

  1. tmalik616
    Game Version:
    This is a beta version of a Scripting Tool I created for legit botting and custom packet handling. The scripting tool uses ChaiScript, a C++ style scripting language.

    Inside the .rar file, you will find a text file with info pertaining to basic usage of ChaiScript needed to begin writing scripts, and a list of all available custom functions that can be used in your script.

    As of now, only one script can be executed at a time, as this is beta version to weed out any bugs, problems, and errors. Once most of the problem(s) are resolved I will add some other functions such as autologin, some useful hacks, and other fun stuff.

    I have yet to add Drop pool information and NPC functionality, which I am currently working on. If you want me to add any other scripting function, feel free to let me know in the discussion thread, or send me a PM.

    If you need help scripting, post in this thread as well, and I will do my best to help you, but again please read the included help file before doing so.

    How to Use:
    • Inject the dll at the play screen. This requires a bypass which is already built in (HSLESS and CRC), and is auto-enabled. There is no option to disable it at the moment.
    • Write or paste your script in the giant textbox and press enable;-). Notepad++, in C++ mode, is a good tool to create the scripts in as it auto-formats well.
    • If there are any errors it will show up in the console window(as I have yet to code the error handling part of the GUI).
    • Since this hooks the same functions as GeeG Trainer, they cannot be used simultaneously.

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