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Ghetto Bypass 1.6

HackShield, BlackCipher and MapleStory CRC bypass.

  1. Uppdated to v162.2

    Uppdated to v162.2
  2. Hopefully fixed NGS error d0500101

    This should hopefully fix NGS error d0500101. Please test and let me know.
  3. Updated to v162.1

    since a lot of stuff changed, I am not sure the bypass is still fully working so if you get any NGS detection while in-game (not start-up errors) please post here your error message and code.
  4. Updated to v161.2

    Updated to v161.2
  5. BlackCipher update

    1.2 released
    I have found an even more ghetto method to make the bypass work on the latest version of BlackCipher.
    Also, thanks to Conquest's tips I managed to add 32-bit support.