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GM Handbook Maker 2014-07-04

A program to dump all wz id's from any MS wz encryption.

  1. pogey
    Game Version:
    Any maplestory
    This program will dump all wz files in a directory to either 1 text file per wz file, or all into one, onto your desktop.


    I claim no responsibility for creation of this program, I found it years ago and have found it handy to have. It uses maplelib, so credits to hah01haha01 for that, I guess.

    Obligatory virus scan:


    If you don't trust it, don't use it. Symantec is Norton, which is notorious for flagging shit as viruses when its not, and TrendMicro picks up alot of false positives because it is a deep heuristics scanner to pick up any and all viruses.

    I believe that almost all wz encryption is now done via BMS. GMS does, EMS does, and I would assume MSEA does as well. For finding what version you need, if it doesn't work, load up a copy of Haharepacker and test which version of wz encryption opens it with no garbled characters.

    Bonus v103 Dump: