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[HOW TO] add cheat engine scripts to your cheat table

Shit dawg, its time to get this covered. Picture tutorial. 100% no fail guaranteed!

  1. Goldwing Applegleam
    Alright, since there are approx. over 2147483647(hehe) different tutorials, Ill just do this one for redundancy and to get those new people their needs without having to search for one.

    You want to add scripts to cheat engine? This is how it is done!

    Open up cheat engine, you should see something like this. (I was in game while making this tutorial, so my cheat table was already open.)

    All nice and everything, now click the button Memory View. It is blue highlighted in the above image.

    It should result in this screen[​IMG]

    Click tools and choose auto assemble at the bottom. (or Just press ctrl+A for the shortcut)


    Now you will have a nice clean window:


    This is where the code belongs. Just copy and paste any script with an [ENABLE] and a [DISABLE] part in this.

    Like the GND script from v99.2 for example.


    Then click file and assign to current cheat table.


    it should be called: Auto Assemble Script


    Change the name by double clicking on it to the name of your script.


    and this is the result:


    Now you have added a script to your cheat table, ALL BY YOURSELF!
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  1. XownAxeStyle
    Very usefull easy tut thanks.
  2. xFishy
    nice clear tutorial thats easy to follow!