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How to fix msvcr&msvcp (100/110/120) dll problems/Errors (x

just a quick way to solve most common dll problems when you hax here on ccplz

  1. Neko
    i see a lot of ppls writing like... wy cant i haz em hax wurking i got the error "dll thingy" missing Q_Q

    so well i decided to make this tutorial to fix all dll problems i guess :wtf:


    go to your system folder( its usually named "Windows" )
    its located in your ":C" harddrive most of the time

    place the dll files in the system32 folder ( and also place em in your SysWOW64 if you got a 64bit os )

    try to inject le stuffs again and it should work (x

    Da VirusScanu

    ( this fixed the problem for me at least, it should fix it for everyone who gets errors )

    also feel free to "Like" this post if this helps you out :pyong-love: