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iBot - Beta 1.1

A simple bot for EMS containing most basic features.

  1. Vytenis
    This is a beta version of my bot (well, actually, trying to revive the old iBot). I wouldn't be surprised if there was shit load of crashes, that's why it's beta, and I'm releasing it in order to be able to fix stuff. It would be awesome if someone could test it and report what's crashing / not working / needs improvement / etc (while reporting a crash, don't forget to mention what OS you're running).

    1. Choose what you want in Hacks, Bot and other forms (tick the checkboxes)
    2. Tick the appropriate checkboxes in the main form in order for it to work

    Auto Pot won't work if you haven't enabled stathook.

    Virus Scan


    1. 3652 iBot v1.0 - EMS.png
    2. iBot - Auto Bot.png
    3. iBot - Demon Slayer Bot.png
    4. iBot - EXP Timer.png
    5. iBot - ID Finder.png
    6. iBot - Item  Mob Filter.png
    7. iBot - Packet Sender.png
    8. iBot - SP Control.png
    9. 3652 iBot v1.0 - EMS_Embed.png
    10. iBot - Hacks.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Some bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. Scout
    Version: 1.1
    It got alot of nice features.
    Almost everthing works, he gets 5 stars for sure when it 100% works:)
  2. Psyched
    Version: 1.0
    Contains nice features, and works almost flawless!!