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  1. Nickerian
    Game Version:
    MapleEurope V110.2
    Important Notice about iBotYou

    It will be discontinued as it is in the current state.
    The new versions will be smaller version made for my own usage and stripped from some function i dont want public, therefore some functions will dissapear and no changes will be made to fit users.
    i only share it because there is no public bots.

    Final version is V3.2.5
    Next version will be stripped but performance improved. (probably released next maple update if the aob's break in the last version)

    Bypass tutorials
    Airride's bypass (no multiclient)


    Taku's bypass (supports multiclient, but require CCing)


    AutoLogin Tip (Version V3.2.0)
    How to use autologin.PNG

    1.PNG 2.PNG 3.png 4.PNG 5.PNG 6.PNG 7.PNG


    Kami DC
    Randomly DCing while attacking (1-30 sec)
    Try to enable "No TimeStamp", seem to work for most (require restart oa maple)
    Note you wont be able to talk with all NPC's

    Dcing to desktop:
    SuperTubi makes you loot items faster then you should be able too, by looting to much items in a short period of time will case DC.

    Solution 1
    Lower (Loot when items) > X

    Solution 2
    Increase LootDelay

    Use all the CC options and choose to CC more often.
    Try different Skills
    Try different Maps

    Try to enable all settings in the "Kami" > "DC" Tab
    Click the button for recommended Settings

    PS Smaller maps and Mid Strong Mobs seem to work better.

    DC to login screen while afk / playing legit
    Godmode does DC randomly if touching mobs to often.
    HSLess require CC regulary.

    I cant talk to NPC's
    Disable No TimeStamp (if needed, create a profile with the option disabled and logout in 1 client and login in the other when needed to talk)

    Crash at login screen
    This have nothing to do with the bot, its windows failing to create the loadup file for applications.

    Close all applications
    Go to C:\Windows\Prefetch
    (make sure you are in the right folder)
    Delete all files, yes all

    Try again

    (This will make sure all applications run from stage 0) also works if example cheatengine refuse to start debugger all of the sudden (usually require you to restart your computer even if unload the driver and reload)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jura
    Version: V3.2.5
    sugoi bot desu
  2. Gnahk
    Version: V3.2.5
    goood, but how can i attack all the monsters? Im only attacking one...
  3. Enable1472
    Version: V3.2.5
    Perfect but it only attack 1 mob with aoe skill
  4. sweden124
    Version: V3.2.4
    1. Nickerian
      Author's Response
      If you check the bottom left you have a checkbox named "CPU Hack" if you disable it you will see everything as u usually do.

      Require CC on disable/enable
  5. BlackLabel
    Version: V3.2.0
    Great work, thank you ! :)
  6. Alkanyx
    Version: V3.2.0
    This is so amazing.
    I'm a begginer, I never used hacks & bots, and I can use it easily as fk.
    Thanks to this amazing guy.
  7. jpalasz77
    Version: V3.1.6
    Love it
  8. iNobody
    Version: V3.1.3
    Can't give anything less, all these updates and granting peoples wishes without hesitation!
  9. LordDemon871
    Version: V3.1.3
    Nice bot goodworking, Thanks for the fast update
  10. MellanMilk
    Version: V3.1.2
    Good :) but how do I get Autopotter to work?
    1. Nickerian
      Author's Response
      Place HP potions on 9 and mp on 0 and the bot should do the rest :)