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Kaiser advanced auto-attack bot v104.1

efficiently attacks when being a kaiser...

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    Most if not all kaiser users must have noticed that the best skill to use while you're transformed is 'normal attack'...
    Sadly the morph doesn't fill using 'normal attack', but only by using skills.

    This is something that has been annoying me while I was botting a kaiser, so i decided to code a little bot for it which i've been using for a short while now.

    What this bot does:
    • it uses the skill 'Gigas Wave' while not transformed to gain morph, since this is the only stable skill that increases your morph.
    • it automatically recognizes when your morph is fully filled and will then transform you.
    • as long as you are transformed this bot will use the 'normal attack' key so that you're doing the best damage possible.


    v104.1 virus scan:
    click me...
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