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Kami-sama (Open-Source, most bugs fixed) 1.0.4

A minimal kami trainer with autoloot/attack that partially fixes the D/C issue.

  1. Franc[e]sco
    Game Version:
    If you like my releases, feel free to buy my meso or donate!

    Note: this is still a draft and it might not be 100% stable, so please let me know how well it works for you.
    If you get autobanned please tell me exactly which hacks you were using so that I can investigate.

    - Visual C++ 2012 Redist (x86 & x64)

    When you change the settings, you will have to untick and re-tick kami for them to be effective.
    Also, you must bind loot to Z, as the bot uses that key.

    Recommended settings for Luminous: http://i.imgur.com/uhukOik.png

    Quick feature overview (read this before you use it!):
    • Offset X/Y: when you stick to mobs, your position will be shifted by these amounts. Mostly useful for classes/skills that must attack from a certain range or huge mobs.
    • Speed: this is how often kami will teleport. A faster kami will switch mobs faster and loot faster, but it will also use more cpu. Without No Mov., any speed above 17 teleports / s will most likely D/C for most people. But test it and let me know your results.
    • Loot: enable this and the kami will automatically teleport to items and press Z to loot them (you don't need any extra autoloot, but at low teleport speeds an external autoloot might speed things up slightly).
    • Spam CTRL: this will autoattack by pressing CTRL when sticking to mobs. All the automatic keypresses in this bot use the internal maplestory input handler CWndMan::OnKey, so it will never miss a keystroke and it will also work minimized just like PostMessage.
    • No Mov. (not bypassless!): enabling this will allow you to kami as fast as you can but it has some important drawbacks: first of all, your movement will be client-sided and other people will see you standing where you were when you ticked kami. This means that the only monsters you will see and kill are the ones your game loaded from your initial position, so your range will be smaller and it will get stuck on big maps. Also, as far as I know, using anything besides skill inject and GnD might autoban with No Mov. ticked and it will also cause you to randomly D/C when disabling kami because of invalid movement packets (I'll fix this in future updates by teleporting back to the initial position).
    • GnD (not bypassless!): general no-delay. It will allow you to spam some skills and attacks infinitely fast (in fact, most skills & attacks).
    • P.Loot (not bypassless!): perfect loot. Disables item drop animations and speeds up looting.
    • Unlimited MP (not bypassless!)
    • Full GM (not bypassless!): full godmode. Makes you invincible.
    • Filter (not bypassless!): item filter. At the moment it will hide any item (even meso) when ticked. I will add a gui to choose to allow / reject items ASAP.
    • CPU Hax (not bypassless!): disables clouds, backgrounds, terrain and damage to minimize cpu / memory usage
    • FA (not bypassless!): fusion attack. Makes AoE attacks only focus on one mobs to maximise DPS on a single target.
    • Mob Lag (not bypassless!): freezes monsters.
    • Skill Injection (not bypassless!): no-delay for skills that don't work with GnD. At the moment the delay is set to 1, but it will be configurable in the next revisions.
    So I've been messing with Kami for quite a while to try and solve D/Cs and it seems that the main causes of D/C are how often you teleport w/o char block (anything over 17 teleports / second D/Cs) and the fact that the hook that AIRRIDE was using to call kami & keypress functions now randomly D/Cs for some people (I even tried limiting it to less than 10 teleports / second with a time counter but it still D/Cd).

    Running kami in my own thread would've solved D/Cs with no mov. disabled, but it creates too many other issues that break the stability of kami because it's not synced to the game's rendering loop, so this is just the old kami hook plus thread-safe item coords and block char movement.

    Toubleshoot if you get random D/Cs:
    - You might need to enable No Mov.
    - Stand in the middle of the map when ticking kami
    - Your map might be too big
    - You might be killing mobs too slowly
    - You're missing too often with skill inject / gnd
    - You D/Ced when disabling it. This is normal.

    old method:
    My kinda ghetto solution was to run my own thread at my own teleport speed and call kami funcs from there. I only had to spoof thread id & return address for CWndMan::OnKey, and everything else worked just fine.
    So basically, anyone should now be able to kami at under 17 teleports / s without char block on any map, but you will still need char block if you need kami to teleport over 10 times / second (unless you're one of those lucky people whose kami has no random D/C issues).
    This method has some drawbacks. Since the kami thread isn't synced with the game's rendering loop, it's not thread safe and it might attempt to access pointers / call functions at the same time as the game, but I enabled SEH Exceptions and I catch them everytime I access the game's data so it should prevent crashes.

    Credits to @AIRRIDE for his kami method and @Waty for the TSingleTon<CWndMan> pointer and other clarifications on some functions. Also, credits to @kma4 for the thread spoofing method (same as the one I use for packet funcs).

    How to compile the source:
    • Follow this guide to compile a static version of wxWidgets for your version of Visual Studio.
    • Download boost 1.55.0 and unzip it anywhere you want
    • Start a visual studio x86 command prompt and type "cd C:\path\where\you\extracted\boost"
    • Type "bootstrap.bat"
    • Once it's done, type bjam and let it run (this will take hours)
    • Open Kami-sama.sln on visual studio and right click Kami-sama (not Solution, the one below) and click Properties
    • In C/C++ -> General replace "$(BOOST_include)" in the Additional Include Directories with the path where you extracted boost earlier
    • In Linker -> General replace "$(BOOST_lib)\x86" in the Additional Library Directories with the path where you extracted boost followed by "\stage\lib"
    • Build -> Rebuild all and your project should build just fine!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Mach
    Version: 1.0.4
    Great Kami that is working without the char move block! Only thing I am missing is the skill injection skill select and maybe you can add auto cc in a future release.