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Kami-sama (Open-Source, most bugs fixed) 1.0.4

A minimal kami trainer with autoloot/attack that partially fixes the D/C issue.

  1. Fixed skillinject, random FAB/AB, mob freeze

    I am extremely sorry for the massive amount of bugs in 1.0.3. It was a rushed update with not enough testing. Most issues should be solved now.

    [*] Fixed mob freeze not working (and possibly causing fake autoban / autoban)
    [*] Removed an useless address from full godmode
    [*] Fixed skillinject not working for anything else than Apocalypse.
  2. r2 - fixed memory writing crashes happening since v103 and added some hacks

    • Fixed crashes happening since v103 due to the memory protection getting resetted.
    • GnD (not bypassless!): general no-delay. It will allow you to spam some skills and attacks infinitely fast (in fact, most skills & attacks).
    • P.Loot (not bypassless!): perfect loot. Disables item drop animations and speeds up looting.
    • Unlimited MP (not bypassless!)
    • Full GM (not bypassless!): full godmode. Makes you invincible....
  3. Loot disable fixed, Open Source, 100% AoB based

    - All the addresses are now AoB based so the trainer should update itself with new patches.
    - I published the source code and instructions on how to compile it here.
    - Disabling loot wasn't actually disabling it, so I fixed that.
  4. FIxed D/Cs

    It appears that running kami in my own thread is too unstable, so I reverted it to the old hook. All D/C issues should now be fixed.