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Launch++ 1.2.3

A proper launching tool for MapleStory Europe

  1. Razz
    Game Version:
    Any version above v111
    Launch++ is an alternative launcher for MapleStory Europe. It uses Nexon's WebApi to authenticate you with your username and password and starts MapleStory after that.



    1. Download zip file
    2. Extract in MapleStory folder (The folder where MapleStory.exe is located)
    3. Make a shortcut of Launch++.exe to your desktop (optional)
    4. Doubleclick Launch++.exe
    5. Create a new account
    6. Press Start Maple


    • Login credentials are stored in plaintext in %appdata%\Launch++ on your system
    • This is an unofficial launcher. The use of this tool may be in violation with the Terms of Service you agreed upon when registering your account on NexonEU.com. TL;DR: You might get banned.

    Changelog (v1.1.0)

    • Upgraded the use of Nexon's WebApi (Thanks Waty ♥)
    • Replaced blocking synchronous code with asynchronous code
    • Added account management functionality
    • Reworked the UI


Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.2.3
  2. Bugfix
  3. Version 1.2.0