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Make a kanna or hayato using Cheat Engine

Let's skip the packets and make a kanna or hayato with cheat engine

  1. Goldwing Applegleam
    All those people who love kannas or even hayatos (WHYYYYY, dem hayatos suck) have been unable to create them since nexon blocked the creation. I figured bypassing that shouldn't be too hard.

    Alright, get in game at the character selection screen with your bypass & cheat engine attached to maplestory.

    Go to character creation.
    Now click once on adventurer, the value for adventurers is 1. So search in cheat engine for value 1

    2333821 addresses, I guess that won't help us a lot. Let's continue.

    How about we click on Kanna now? Just to have a big difference and to filter out most accidental random addresses that do not benefit us.

    Kannas value is 17, so search for that in Cheat Engine:

    Alright, so we have 3 addresses left. (the addresses change, so just redo this if you want to do this again after you close the game)

    Just add them to your cheat table. Now you know that when you click on different characters, what their creation ID is.

    Alright, all fun and games. But this is not actually getting us there. This is more of a confirmation of the character creation IDs.

    Now double click on explorer and click yes.

    Click new scan and search for 1

    Press escape in game and then choose Xenon. You can see in the addresses that Xenon has character creation ID of 14

    Double click xenon and press yes. You are now at the character creation of xenon

    Search in cheat engine for 14. You'll still have a couple of options:

    Redo this with Cygnus (Character creation number 2) and you'll get this:

    3 addresses you already had, and a fourth one!

    Now let's see what happens if you go back to character creation and change the value of the new address to 17 and freeze it and then choose cygnus?

    Hrm? You still make a cygnus? Well that's too bad. Press escape again.

    Oh? Only the 3rd addy is still the character creation ID?

    Let's see what happens if you freeze that one at 17 too, right?


    Well, now unfreeze both addresses or your game will crash. But you can continue making your kanna now.

    This works with hayato as well, the character creation ID for hayato is 16.

    Enjoy it.