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Map-Respawn -> *Unlimited* Boss Exploit v103.1

Allows you to repeatedly re-enter maps.

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    eMS v103.1
    Hai ccplz,

    This exploit opens up alot of possibilities, but what it actually does is allowing you to respawn in most of the maps in maplestory europe.
    It is based on the bull-event alias "Piazza di Spagna Festival", which is an old event and has been available again ever since the 16th of July and will be untill the 6th of August.
    By releasing this i'm giving you about 7 days to exploit whatever you may come up with, however there are a few limitations:

    - This event is available legitly once every 20 minutes, which means 3 times per hours and upto a maximum of 72 times per day.
    Using this logic, Nexon has added a check where the quest (this event) would automatically complete itsself as soon as you reach 72 entries on a single day.
    A quest that is completed, obviously, is no longer available, to us this means the exploit can only be repeated upto 72 times a day, after 12 o clock the counter will reset and the quest will become available again.

    - This respawn exploit works by teleporting to the event map, relogging and returning to the old map you were in previously, however you cannot teleport to the event-map whilst being in a Dungeon Channel, therefore bosses that only appear in a Dungeon Channel cannot be exploited (repeatedly killed)

    Now that's the part where i explain how it basically works, then down here i will continue explaining how my tool works that i used, which is made to simplify the use of this exploit:
    First, this is what it looks like:

    • In the left textbox containing 0000 you are supposed to enter your PIC, as it will use that to automatically relogg
    • The middle textbox containing Ready... can be completely ignored and was only for debugging purposes.
    • In the right textbox containing 00 00 00 00 the program needs your character_id, my program will automatically fetch this ID when you double-click on your character.

    • In the dropdown-list you most likely want to select "Don't Auto-Buff" because i only added Auto-Buff support for Hero's and Zero's.

    Now you're pretty much ready to start exploiting, as you can see i added 2 possibilities, I will explain both of them:

    1. the "Respawn" button: This button will only bring you to the event-map, however you have to do the relogging and everything yourself which eventually becomes quite a hassle.
    2. the "Start Respawn Exploit" button: When you click this button once it will enable the possibility to automatically enter the event map --> relogg --> and return to your initial map. -While having the Respawn Exploit button enabled you can activate the fully automatic respawning by pressing the F4 hotkey, this way you do not have to click the "Respawn" button everytime.

    For my program to automatically leave the event-map you need to load the Coordinates.txt that i provided in the download with DuckieBots SPcontroll.

    You, however, need to inject duckiebot before injecting my Respawn_Exploit_v103.1.dll because otherwise duckiebot will overwrite my hooks and my program wont recognise when you try to respawn.

    If you get MSVCR120.dll or MSVCP120.dll error, make sure to download microsoft visual c++ 2013 redistributable package .

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