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Maple Buddy 0.1.0-alpha

Maple Buddy is an account manager for the popular game called MapleStory.

  1. Razz
    This is an Alpha version. Expect ALOT of bugs.

    You need:
    1. .NET Framework 4.5
    2. SQL Compact Edition (32bit)
    3. SQL Compact Edition(64bit)

    Source Code:

    From left to right:
    1. Create new database
    2. Open existing database
    3. Close selected database
    4. Enter design mode
    5. Support topics
    1. Create table
    2. Delete a table
    3. Save design(No functionality)
    4. Refresh/Reload designer mode
    How to create a new database?
    1. Press the green button
    2. Choose a name and a passphrase
    3. Press the open existing database button
    4. Open the .sdf file
    5. Press the designer mode button
    6. Press the create new table button
    7. Choose a name and columns
    8. Close the selected database(Else you can't go into editor mode)
    How to add data to a database?
    1. Press the open existing database button
    2. Open the .sdf file
    3. Fill in information in the Grid
    How to save data?
    1. You don't have to. It gets saved automaticly.
    Does this run on Windows XP?
    A: No it does not. Windows XP is outdated.

    Q: Why is this so poorly coded?
    A: Because I don't get paid.

    Q: I found a bug, now what?
    A: Reply to the discussion and briefly post a picture of the error/bug and if needed a translation.

    Q: What kind of encryption do you use?
    A: RSA-2048 & AES-256


    1. Maple-Buddy---Open-source-account-manager[1].png
    2. Create-new-database[1].png