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MapleManager [MultiInject, SingleInject] v1.3

Multi or single inject dll process for maplestory or other programs

  1. Zion
    Figured I'd test my skills and make an Injector.
    Code might be a bit messy, but I'm not done yet.
    Autoinject doesn't work yet, but I figured I'd release it since everything else works,
    and just update it once it's finished.


    • Choose to inject to all Maplestorys active, or specify one particular Maplestory to inject to.
    • Quickly start Maplestory from the first tab.
    • Filtered processes so you don't need to search through 70 processes to find Maplestory.
    • Save Settings.
    • AutoInject, Specific Inject, MultiInject.
    • New GUI Styles.
    • Hotkeys for Inject, Refresh, Kill process.

    Features to come:
    • Things you request.