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MapleStory Account Saver v. 1.4

Save Account MapleStory

  1. Dissidia
    A simple manager to save all your maple accounts & info


    To make this working you'll have to download qt5 first from this link http://qt-project.org/downloads and you will have to chose the 32bit vs2012 version. After having installed it do as follow:

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 users

    1. From the Desktop, right-click My Computer and click Properties.
    2. Click Advanced System Settings link in the left column.
    3. In the System Properties window click the Environment Variables button.
    4. Add to Path variable the following string without quotes ";C:\Qt\Qt5.1.0\5.1.0\msvc2012\bin"
    5. Check the photo to be sure then click ok and use my manager :)