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Maplestory Cheat-Table v.116 116

CE-Table v116

  1. Drayne
    Game Version:
    Simple CE-Table for the current Version 115.1.

    Red Scripts: Character-Hacks
    Blue Scripts: Skill/Attack/Damage-Hacks
    Green Scripts: Monster-Hacks
    Orange: CPU-Hacks
    Pink Scripts: Anything else

    Colors do not tell if scripts D/C or (Fake)A/B! They are just classified, so you can find them easier.

    I didn't add Advanced Kami because I'm getting an error when trying to add this script to my table (Error in Line 159). If anyone knows how to fix this, tell me, so I can update! :)


    I will update this Table as soon as I see new Scripts released.

    Credits to all humans creating and updating the scripts + Melv for creating the 115.1 Script-Thread.

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  2. Maplestory Cheattable v.116

Recent Reviews

  1. ItsJasonn
    Version: 2015-09-22
    Everything works like it should, the one big problem is that you keep on disconnecting after 20-120 seconds.....
    1. Drayne
      Author's Response
      Well, thats not my fault tho. I know the current scripts d/c, but i did not create the hacks. I just Releases a Table wich contains These hacks :P

      Anyways thanks for your Feedback. Appreciated! :)