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maplestory unpacked/runnable/devirtualized 89.2

maplestory unpacked/runnable/devirtualized

  1. Moose
    So basically as the title states, completely devirtualized and runnable unpack of latest ems. The VMCheck is removed, and most (if not all) of the CRC code is removed. The internal security is disabled. There are still checks on sendpacket and stuff, but since you can debug freely there's no worries there.

    If you want to use Moby with this you need to manually set the GUID and disable the 'grabbing' of it in the environment, as the unpacked binary doesn't have the information in it (or at least not in the same place)

    There may still be some crashes (if I screwed up devirtualization in some places...)

    Disable CRC outside of game: c6336f jmp to c64000, nop the d0ab40 call (leave stack adjustments) and change it to mov eax, 1

    Disable CRC inside of game: c62b36 jmp to c64000

    Disable themida VMCheck macro: c8d1ca jmp c8d221

    CRC function is at d0ab40, bp it to check if anything else is accessing it if you want.

    All of the above modifications are already applied in the binary, just adding them for your info.

    VirusTotal isn't working for me so someone else feel free to add a virus check.