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Maypel 1.2

Reduce MapleStory CPU and directly launch MapleStory.

  1. Kernel
    Hello everyone,
    Its been awhile since I last released something for CCPlz. So, I decided to release something a bit special or useful before I take off - again. Now, I am not going to organize this post into sections because, some of you don't read for shit and end up asking for answers to questions that already have been answered within this post. And besides reading is good for you, so read:

    First off, thanks to @Shroom, @Ghoul and some "Googling", I was able to create "Maypel", a Win32 console application. It was written in C++ designed to reduce the memory usage of MapleStory.

    The followings are its features:
    * Directly launch MapleStory, which means you won't have to click the "Play" button on MapleStory's GameLauncher.
    * A 30-second-cycle that reduces the memory of the created MapleStory.

    You may feel free to request some changes and features.

    To set-up Maypel, please put it the same folder as your MapleStory.exe.

    Maypel is really simple to use, the only thing you really have to do is run it as an administrator.

    If you believe you've found some bugs or issues, please do report it. Here is the list of known bugs and issues:
    Code (Text):
    2. * [ 5/7/2012] Not working for 32-bit.
    3. [S]* [5/7/2012] Unable to load MapleW.dll.[/S]
    4. * [5/8/2012] Unable to directly launch MapleStory.

    This message was written for those who are facing difficulties with the MaypelConsole:
    As a temporary solution to the issue of launching, please follow this step:
    * Run a different injector as administrator.
    * Inject MaypelW.dll into MapleStory's process, which is usually named as "MapleStory.exe".

    And here is the history of Maypel:
    Code (Text):
    2. * Released on 5/7/2013.
    3. * Released version 1.1 on 5/7/2013.
    4. ! Fixed the loading issue of MapleW.dll.
    5. * Released version 1.2 on 5/8/2013
    6. ! Should resolve the direct launching issue.
    Credits are distributed to me, Kernel, for creating Maypel and to Dami for his excellent injection tutorial.

    Many thanks are given to @Ghoul for providing me the command line arguments that allowed Maypel to directly launch MapleStory, CCPlz for being such a wonderful forum. And of course to @DevChan, despite the fact he didn't share me the source codes to his CPU reducer (which is okay), he did triggered me to create both Maypel and CABoost. Also, I would like to thank @Shroom for giving me the correct command line that directly launches MapleStory.

    Go any questions related to Maypel? Feel free post it below or contact me.

    You may and can contact me by sending me some private messages or emailing me at Kernel.Win@aol.com.

    Virus Scan Results:

    Download The Latest Version:

    You can donate me some money through PayPal, my email is Kernel.Win@aol.com. Thank you in advance for your generous actions. :)

    What will I do with the money? Save it up so I can open a website where I share my work and teach others about gaming hack.
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