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Moby 1.1

Bypass for latest EMS (Apr 1) - READ THE DESCRIPTION

  1. Moose
    1. Rename original ehsvc.dll to ehsvc.old, it must remain in your hshield directory.
    2. Overwrite ehsvc.dll with the URL for this resource
    3. Enjoy.

    ^ Source code

    ^ Multi-ms if you want to add it in

    Please note, that this does NOT incorporate multi-ms or a CRC / internal hack detection bypass. You can use this: https://ccplz.net/threads/d8input-dll-mscrc-for-le-bypass.53111/

    You also might need to replace your hsupdate.exe and autoup.exe, both of which I have shamelessly stolen from Brian's "Le Bypass":

    autoup.exe goes in the hshield\update directory, and hsupdate.exe goes in the hshield directory.

    ^ Original ehsvc.dll, renamed to ehsvc.old, in case you don't have yours.

    Everything is now generated without the log file, meaning there's no "log in and wait 15min" period anymore. The only exception to this rule is the "moduleCRC" which will need to be updated every time Maplestory updates, unless someone can enlighten me on how to generate that (see hshieldenv.cpp)
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    Version: 1.1
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    Version: 1.1
    thx love it