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Nerdytrainer 1.6

A trainer for EMS 97.1

  1. Yotsuba
    A bot/trainer for EMS. This will not function for other versions of Maplestory.
    Features include:
    • A bot - auto- pot, attacking, looting, skills and channel change.
    • Public hacks - Easy to use check boxes to enable the scripts made public on CCPlz. Read below for more info.
    • Pointers - Displays different values of interest and HP, MP and EXP bars.
    • Kami/Kami Loot - Teleports character to mobs/items, loots.
    Check boxes marked with red might not function at all; read below for a full list of known bugs.

    This is not meant to be any more advanced than if it doesn't work for you, you can just use the scripts released here and get pretty much the same effect minus the auto bot functions. All scripts used are public and not made by me and are in no way meant to be exclusive to my users.

    This requires a bypass at all times.

    Pictures subject of change.

    How to use:

    1. Bypass hackshield and CRC with any of the public releases. Use the search function and look through the download section!
    2. Inject Nerdytrainer to maplestory using your preferred injector. Inject at launcher before hitting play if your safest bet, however injecting at character screen or even in-game does also work.
    3. You're done, congratulations!
    Errors Regarding missing .dll files:
    FAQ regarding missing frameworks and dlls

    What does X script do?
    Explanations of hacks for newbs

    Why do you update this shit like every day with tiny changes?
    Nerdytrainer is a big work in progress and I've released it to the public for the pleasure of the people, instead of me working on it in secrecy for half a patch's time, release it and then having to update it shortly after. I'm updating the resource every time I've added a new feature and I'm going to continue to do this instead of having bigger, slower updates. I don't see an issue with doing this. You do not need the latest version unless it's been outdated by a patch or you want a new feature I've added.

    Enhance settings save file?
    If you so desire you can save the settings you use in the enhance tab so they will automatically be enabled the next time you inject Nerdytrainer. The file containing this information saves in your C:\ drive as Settings.ini. You can delete / edit this as you please. A new one will be generated the next time you hit "save settings".

    I keep DCing!
    First of all: Auto CC to reduce frequency of DCing!

    FMA: Make sure you have item vac enabled and working. Only works for a few spells like kaiser wing attack and basic attack, barrel attack, chain lightning etc.
    Lemmings: Very unstable, I wouldn't use it.
    Mouse Fly: Use it for shorter amounts of times at a time.
    Perfect Loot: Loot slower.
    Mob Speed up: You have to kill the mobs fast when this is enabled.
    At launcher: If Maplestory and the trainer both just disappear after you click play in the launcher or you instantly crash on injection after starting the game, you're not bypassed correctly.
    Kami: Try different delays. Slower is not always better here, works differently for everybody. Try different maps, attack delays, loot on and off, etc. Don't try to move around or manually loot while in kami.
    Kami Loot: Pretty unstable. Same as above, try different delays and try both kami loot versions I've added. (Not both at the same time).
    CCing: Tick windows 8 checkox if auto/peope CC crashes you. Mostly an issue for windows 8 users. This will manually enter menu. Don't have any closeable windows open like inventory.

    Error 5: The 2 known causes for error 5 is injecting more than 1 bot and using skill you shouldn't use with all class gND. Only inject one and try different skills with gND.

    Nothing else should easily cause a DC or a crash. I've botted overnight (20 hours+) (this version 97.1) only stopping because I stopped it myself with the following on a kaiser with normal attack: Ice Guard, GND, Vami, Enable CC, Mob Disarm, attacking 100ms, auto HP, auto skills and auto CC every 1 minute. If you do this, you absolutely should not disconnect. Vami may be inefficient, but it sure is stable.

    Known bugs:
    • DOES NOT WORK: No skill effects, Auto Aggro if disarm enabled and FMA/GND for many of the skills.
    • Sometimes crashes on character load (possibly because of stathook). Just try again and it'll most likely work.
    • The bot does not function on classes not using a secondary resource, like mana. Namely Angelics and Demon Avengers, the bot section of this trainer will not work on them.
    • EXP % shows a tiny bit more than what you actually have. Not noticeable at even 0.01% at higher levels, but up to 1-2% too much is shown at lower levels.
    • The trainer doesn't pop up at injection for some users. Unknown reasons/fix.
    • Panels don't resize properly. Close and reopen the tab to fix.
    Version update logic:
    0.+.0 = Added a very noticeable feature
    0.0.+ = Bug fixes / Patch updates / Smaller additions

    On the to-do list:
    • Reimplement exp/min calculator
    • Spawn point control
    • Packet sender
    • Item filter
    • Change hide name to change name to an input
    • Change character values to detour instead of stathook.
    • Kill all functions when people enter the map.
    • Ideas? Leave a comment!
    Virus Scan

    Many thanks to:

    DarkSpace - building block trainer-creation tutorial
    Akkie - Layout idea
    [D.R.T] - Auto bot method


    1. main.png
    2. bot.png
    3. hacks.png
    4. enhance.png
    5. info.png
    6. FMA.png
    7. Lemmings.png
    8. Aggro + god mode.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Testqlz
    Version: 1.4.1
    i don't know why but every time i use FMA+Item Vac+no Final attack or only FMA+Item Vac i dc or maplestory crah, but the rest works perfect
  2. XownAxeStyle
    Version: 1.4.1
    Works Perfect!
  3. BlackLabel
    Version: 1.4
    5 stars. All I want to say.
  4. Qvintus
    Version: 1.2.1
    Really good trainer, after I've tried out WatyBot and NerdyTrainer I'm really looking forward to when NerdyTrainer gets auto CC/CS. Some reason NerdyTrainer seems a lot more stabil at my computer and crashes rarely, while WatyBot crashes every few mins. Thanks a lot !
  5. hassasina
    Version: 1.1
    works perfect , especially tht UA waty's didnt work for me for unknown reason :D