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New Years Money Defense Exploit (Tool) eMS v107.3

Allows you to automatically type the words at the New Years Money Defense Exploit.

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    eMS v107.3
    Hello faggots,

    Now for those who haven't played New Years Money Defense before, the idea basically is that there's monsters spawning on the map moving from right to left. They are holding words above their head and may not reach the left border. You need to quickly type over each word of those monsters. The further you reach, the better reward you get.

    Now behind the scenes, when you send the talk_packet with a word that's above a 'monsters' head, that packet will trick a packet with this structure:
    [header (word)] [identification_id (dword)] [text (string)]

    In theory you'd only have to send that packet with a matching identification_id that's different for every monster, and the correct text-string.

    Now when the monsters 'spawn' on the map you can just read their identification_id and their text-string. So what my program really does is waiting for monsters to spawn, and with the details it fetches about them, kill them immediately.

    Okay, fun and all, but how does your tool work:
    Here's what it looks like: [​IMG]

    With my tool you can use this exploit fully automatically, however it has 2 cons:
    1) it requires you to stand in the henesys plastic surgery map
    2) it will only automatically choose easy mode, not medium or hard
    once standing in the plastic surgery map, simply press "Enable 'Money Defense Exploit'", and it will automatically teleport you in, type the words, obtain the reward, and enter the event again endlessly.

    If you want to use this tool elsewhere than in henesys plastic surgery, please press "Enable 'Money Defense Exploit'" and then move in manually using the event-icon at the left of your screen.

    This tool does not require you to have a bypass at all!

    The rewards are lucky boxes and carrot coins.
    virus-scan here
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    Version: eMS v107.3
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    Version: v107.3
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    Version: v107.3
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    Version: v107.3
    awesome resource, works like a charm! thank you very much!