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Rei Injector 1.0

Inject DLLs.

  1. Orei
    Virus Scan:

    Requires .NET 4.0 (Client Profile)


    - Multi DLL Injection
    - Delay between injections
    - Window Pinner (As in ZInjector by Zion)
    - DLL injection ordering (For the delayed injection mostly)

    Adding Delays:
    To add delays, simply click the "DLY" button, a window looking like this will pop-up:


    Write the delay you want in the box in milliseconds, click OK and it will be inserted into the DLL list. Click on the Delay list item and move it to where you want the delay. Now when you inject, it will wait before injecting the next DLL.

    Multiple Processes:
    If you have multiple MapleStory processes running, a window will pop-up asking you which one you want to inject into.


    Now there's two ways you can select which one to inject into:

    1. Click on one of the processes in the listbox and then "Show Selected" and it will display the window you have selected; and then you can simply press "Select" and it will inject.

    2. Click on "Window Pinner" and then open up the MapleStory window you want to inject into, and it will automatically detect it and inject.

    Adding DLLs:
    Move the DLL into the "Modules" folder, click on "Refresh DLLs" and you're set.

    Removing DLLs:
    To remove DLLs from the list, either you simply remove it from the Modules folder, or you right-click the item in the list, and click "Remove".

    All errors will be displayed on the bottom of the main window in red text, looking like this:



    Zion - ZInjector (Window pinning idea)
    Walrus - GPMMMI (Modules folder name; used it to test with and stuck with it - thought I'd atleast mention it c:)


    I tried to make this tool as easy to use as I could, while also getting as many functions as I could think of in it. Most of the things on the main window has tooltips on them; so just hover your mouse over them if you do not understand what they do. (Although most of it should be pretty self-explanatory). Mostly made it for my own personal use, but shouldn't be any harm in sharing it; might appeal to some people atleast!

    Suggestions and feedback are always welcome, thanks!