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[Release] MSCRC bypass v115.1 v115.1

Allows you to use hacks ingame

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    eMS v115.1
    Hello faggots, this bypass includes several functionalities. It was created by taku several patches ago, so full credits to him. It's an automatically updating .dll, so it should work for upcomming patches. It was created when HackShield was still used by eMS however obviously these functionalities do not work any longer. However the MSCRC bypass does still work (MapleStory's own CRC)

    This will avoid maplestory from checking memory alternations whilst you are ingame. (Noob language: You can use hacks ingame with this)

    A downsite is that you'll DC every few minutes from the game if you do not change-channel.

    inject this .dll at the playscreen and choose option 2 and 5.